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AptoideDev v5.4.0 Dev Version [Ad-Free] Mod Apk

AptoideDev v5.4.0 Dev Version [Ad-Free] Mod Apk
AptoideDev v5.4.0 Dev Version [Ad-Free] Mod Apk

Android Apps :

Version: 5.4.0 Dev Version | Mod | Ad-Free

Aptoide is a website where you can download free apps to mobile Android devices through a software 
client, Aptoide.

It is the largest independent Android Appstore and allows one to setup and manage your own Android 
Market where you can also upload Android apps to share with others.
AptoideDev is the version under development of Aptoide that is available for the best 
fans of Aptoide to try the new featuresand to report back before it's launched. Both 
versions of Aptoide (current and development) can be installed at the same time.
Test it and give it feedback!
Enjoy Aptoide,
- https:www.google.com+AptoideOfficial
- http:www.youtube.comuserAptoide
- http:www.aptoide.com
Your Own Market
- http:www.aptoide.com
Mobile- http:m.aptoide.com

AptoideDev v5.4.0 Dev Version [Ad-Free] Mod Apk
AptoideDev v5.4.0 Dev Version [Ad-Free] Mod Apk

* Editors' Choice graphic banner: pick apps by promotion banner
* Home Tab: pull to refresh action
* Webinstall: install apps from your desktop computer on http:www.aptoide.com with the same account
* Better login: improved using protocol OAuth 2.0
* Comments: besides commenting you can reply, vote up and vote down
* Flags: flag apps as Good, Needs License, Fake, Freeze, Virus; avoid potential malware, see results and take actions
* Search refactor: better search results, new section with words suggestions (Did you mean) and you can always Search Other Stores
* Adult Content PIN: set a pin to unlock Adult Content
* Filter Updates: choose to show all updates (including those with different signatures incompatible)
* Send feedback: if you find something please report to us
* Sort Options: A to Z and Z to A
* Scheduled Downloads bug fixes
* Download Manager bug fixes
* Notification Bar bug fixes
* And more bug fixes
• Removed whatever "in-app" advertisement visibility that was present within the App.
• Ad-Free version by, VeGas RoMeo™
[New Default Settings]
• Filter Applications "OFF"
• Filter Adult Content "OFF"
• Filter Updates Notification "OFF"
• Allow Root Installation "ON"
• Adult Content menu checkboxoption removed completly, just is "Feedback" now."
[Crash Reports Settings]
• Send Reports "OFF"
• Send System Information "OFF"
★★★ If you share elsewhere..sweet, all i ask is that please have the decency to giving credit where it's deserved is all. Thank You & Enjoy ★★★

Download :
AptoideDev v5.4.0 Dev Version [Ad-Free] Mod Apk
Size : 6.36 MB

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